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tv   Action News  ABC  February 14, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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davis court side, we will be right back.
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the flyers can get within five points of the wild card spot with the win tomorrow night in buffalo against the worst team in hockey. that would be the closest flyers have been to a playoff spot in months. flyers playing their best hockey of the season right now. they have pick up points in eight straight games the fact, the the best stretch since 2011 but how about this,
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flyers are not satisfied. they are still upset they blew a two goal, third period lead in columbus and lost in overtime. leaving a point on the ice with ray emery playing so well. >> flyers in overtime. >> we have to wake up a and figure it outes specially when a guy is playing like that. he is doing a heck of a job. we have to wake up. >> michael rafl expect to come back tomorrow with pneumonia flyers sent down scott lehightan, in 31 games, former first round pick has two goals. nba all-star weekend continues in new york tonight. sixers guard michael carter williams sitting out of the skills competition because of the injured big toe. mo'ne davis hanging out with fellow philadelphia native kevin hart and they are in for a show. how about golden state step curry, he wins the the three-point contest with a record 27-point in the final round. he hit 13 in a row at one point. wow. how about minnesota's zach levin winning the slam dunk
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contest. look at this, wow. doctor j among the judges. they are going nuts in brooklyn tonight. >> very cool. >> very cool. >> thanks. >> "action news" at 11:30 continues next, we will be right back.
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saturday night i'm walter perez. here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. a peace for a region. the is there a cease-fire in ukraine at this hour but will it hold. plus a familiar story the web site to sign up for federal health care goes on the blink just hours before the deadline to enroll before next year. and a very very grateful family from delaware county gets a chance to thank the man who return their father a's long lost love letter written to his lovely wife in 1942. but if you spend anytime outside tonight over past few hours you know it is nasty outside, wind whipping, snow is falling and bitter cold is on the way. meteorologist melissa a magee has been tracking the system all day long and joins us with the very latest, melissa. >> we still have snow showers a across the the delaware and lehigh valley. storm tracker six live double
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scan radar showing the heavier snow squals we had earlier tonight are moving off to the east but still some activity along i-95 corridor from trenton, wilmington and activity there a across bucks montgomery and berks county. also snow shower moving in south jersey. so the the snow is one thing but the bigger impact will be the visibility. white out conditions in that blowing snow causing visibility down to 5 miles in the city, down to a mile in dover. down to 1.7 in ac airport. down to a half mile there in lancaster. once that arctic boundary moves through you have heard those wind, whipping. high win warning up tonight right through sunday as we are's calling for gusts anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour. in fact, check out the current win gust as cross the region. we are anywhere from 40 miles an hour in the poconos to 39 miles an hour, there in philadelphia. and a gust as high as 51 miles an hour in wilmington. not only do you have gusts to contend with but waking up
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tomorrow morning future tracker wind chills showing you it will feel like sub zero in all locations feeling like 13 below zero. 26 degrees below zero to the north and west up through poconos. unfortunately not much in the way of recovery as far as wind chills are concerned because of those whipping wind. we will have details coming up with the accu weather forecast walter. >> traffic was moving slowly as heavy snow fell tonight in delaware this was the scene near pennsylvania avenue and union street right there in wilmington. salt trucks were out treating the road, throughout the evening as you would expect. drivers ran into low visibility around philadelphia tonight as well, penndot has had trucks out in force on the major highways, roadways salting and preparing to plow. crews battled strong wind and as they tried to keep the roads as clear as possible. >> it is not very good. the snow. definitely snow flakes, yes. can't really say. >> it is not just your life but everybody else life on the road.
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i wish people would follow the driver's manual. >> peco remains on stand by to mobilized crews for possible power outages due to high wind expected through the rest of the weekend. blizzard warnings remain in effect for new england as that region braces for yet another winter storm. powerful wind are threatening to knock down power lines as wind chill dip below zero. abc news meteorologist rob marsano reports on the arctic blast sweeping a across the country. >> reporter: heavy snow in michigan this morning. another blast of arctic air whipping up wind topping 50 miles an hour bringing near blizzard conditions to parts of the great lakes. wind chills in parts of the minnesota as cold as 43 below zero. >> snow is coming down heavy visibility reduced. >> reporter: white house conditions triggering accidents in ohio and indiana highways. the assistance now heading straight for new england. record cold likely as arctic blast moves in. >> it is super cold out here. the it is so, so cold.
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i just wanting to somewhere warm. >> reporter: bitter air in new jersey, already making it miserable to be outside. >> hand warmers. toe warmers i have got on. it is not boston fortunately. i would rather cold than snow. >> reporter: in boston, already hit by 6 feet of snow in the last three weeks now bracing for another foot. >> moth are nature has not helped melt snow but these snow melters have. they have been going non-stop for the past five days, still that mountain of snow continues to grow. it feels like a losing battle a as more snow comes in tonight. after a challenging week a state of emergency again cities mass transit systems is shutting down again just hours from now to sus pen service a all day tomorrow because of the impending blizzard. planes grounded too. airlines canceling hundreds of flights sunday at logan airport. >> this is something we have not seen a likes of like in a while. >> reporter: coastal community of hol massachusetts will
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brace for impact. >> we have water beat up and batter by previous storms. >> that was rob marsano reporting. in other news, police in philadelphia are investigating a gruesome discovery inside a storage fat it is some one found a decomposing body of a 44 year-old man this afternoon. it unfold add long the 4800 block of somerdale avenue. up investigators are questioning the garage owner but no further details have been a announced at this time. there is no word on a possible cause of death. in camden investigators need your help identifying these two men, they are wanted for mugging someone on a bicycle. police say pair was in the gold colored altima near somerset and raretan on january 30th. one got out pointed a gun at the victim and both drove off with cash. this was taken inside luk oil there on admiral wilson boulevard. anyone with any information about this case is asked to call camden county police. tomorrow is the final day to sign up for health insurance under president
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obama's affordable care act but once again the web site experienced technical difficulties. some people who logged on got hung up when they tried to get their income information verified electronically. that is important because amount of financial assistance available is based on income. people that experience problems will be offered a expanded own role. period. cease-fire took effect in ukraine. both ukraine and russian officials agreed to hold their fire under a deal reached during peace talks last week. russian officials also said that they would pull back their heavy weapons from the border, but just hours into this agreement both side are trading accusations, of fresh a a attacks after the month long conflict that has killed more than 5,000 people. we have some breaking news to pass a along, tammy myers mother shot during an apparent case of road rage in las vegas, has died. a family member confirms the the death to abc news. myers was out teaching her daughter thousand drive on
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thursday night. on the way home she had a close call with the silver sedan and verbal argument with the other driver then ensued. the suspect then followed her and opened fire outside of myers house, hitting the 44 year-old mom once. the a attacker remains on the loose tonight. a private memorial service for cbs reporter bob simon is plan for tuesday. it will be held at metropolitan opera house right there in new york. simon died wednesday during a car crash in manhattan's west side highway. long time 60 minutes correspondent was known for his coverage of international conflicts. over a 47 year career with cbs news, simon earned more than 40 major award, including 27 emmys. we have learn that noted new york times columnist david carr died of complications from lung cancer. carr suddenly collapsed at the newspaper headquarters on thursday. his autopsy shows heart disease was a contributing factor to his death. carr was only 58 years old.
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well batman was in bucks county to spread good cheer. caped crusader stopped at monkey's unk until doylestown to collect hand made valentines day card from children. they will be delivered to patients at doylestown hospital and pine run assisted living facility. batman was gathering donations to benefit cb cares educational fun days. we're learning more about a long lost love letter returned to a family, from delaware county. jim kenny pend this letter to his bride to be mary back in 1942, from on board the u.s.s. oregon in the south pacific. the couple married 64 years has since passed away. but just this week the the note showed up in the mailbox of their grandson's home in havertown. more than 07 years after it was written it was fund by a stranger during an estate sale in missouri. today the kenny's had a chance to thank the man who return it during a face time conversation. >> we just wanted to give a group thank you from everybody.
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thank you so much. >> thank you. what a great story. the kenny family told "action news" that receiving that letter brought their grandparents back to life if only for a little while. that they say was something that felt better then winning the lottery. much more to come on "action news" who need coffee when you can do this. we will show you folks who had serious fun with intestinal fortitude as they jumped in the coal water there. story of strength and hope we will introduce to you a young power lift shore has overcome a whole lot have of obstacles on his road to success, when a "action news" comes right back.
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several hundred people went full pinger penguin by taking a dip in the icy cold atlantic. this ways sea isle city polar bear plunge as part of the shore town's polar bear weekend featuring contests and concerts and costumes, even cupids spent sometime with the the busy schedule today to make an appearance. so i wanting to to the shore myself, but it is a bit over the top. >> yes. >> thankfully, they did it this morning rather than right new. >> yes. >> because the wind, walter are blustery are. >> it is so brutal. >> yes. >> thankfully, them but not me. >> let show you storm tracker six live double scan radar we still have snow showers overhead. heavier worst of snow are already starting to move on off to our east and blossom into eventually a blizzard for
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new england but still snow activity overhead. we will go in tighter on street level of storm tracker and you can see snow to the east of philadelphia as far as that intensity goes when lou at lavender along the jersey turnpike and medford lakes hammington glassboro. we have snow showers overhead. this arctic boundary is just the beginning because once the boundary moves on through wind will pick up more so then they are currently and then we have sub zero wind chills to deal with as well. picture outside giving you a shot of pens landing on this saturday night if you look, you can see untreated surfaces are snow covered and the cameras kind of shaking in the wind, and it is all because of those blustery wind coming from the northwest. current wind chills right now across the region, in the single digits. it feels like seven in philadelphia. 5 degrees below zero in reading. eight below zero feeling like five in millville. seventeen along the coast in
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beach haven. here's satellite six with action radar. we have a frontal bound dry pushing off shore and this is the the area of low pressure that will blossom into another big storm, once again cross new he can land where folks cannot get a break with the winter wet ther moving through. check out future wind gusts. once that moves on through waking up tomorrow morning 8:00 in the morning some spots close to 50 miles an hour there in wilmington. near 60 miles an hour in areas in millville, atlantic city, wildwood and dover. heart of the heavy wind move in overnight tonight and first half of the day really in the morning hours as we go into sunday. a as we see not much in the way of improvement as we get the in to sunday afternoon. those wind not as dramatic as they were earlier in the day but still something to deal with and this could lead to some problems. that high wind warning stays up. we are calling tomorrow as per wind to gust to 50 to 60 miles an hour. branches and trees more than
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likely could be knock down and possible power outages, as well, air temperatures tomorrow at least in philadelphia in the teens make sure you have a backup plan in case power gets knocked out where you live. after the wind move on in, as we get into overnight sunday into monday here's the other story. we have a wind chill advisory for our region. wind chills just for lancaster county there we will call for wind chills to fall from 15 to 25 below zero and that will it is us up for one of the coales morning temperatures we have seen in philadelphia in 21 years on monday. the exclusive seven day forecast dangerous wind and cold tomorrow, high of 19. overnight low drops down to two. that is a record. arctic chill a high of 22. tuesday not as cold as a high of 32. snow showers around on wednesday at 32 degrees. another bit are blast moves in on thursday with a high of 19. stuck in the freezer on friday. possible rain or snow as we get into next saturday,
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walter. >> frozen valentines today. >> yes. >> thanks, melissa. the franklin institute paid trin boot to the giant heart in honor of valentines day. wrist tors were invited to snap photos with the iconic philadelphia landmark there. you could create your own mouth watering chocolate heart to take home as souvenirs. today's celebration was organized to coincide with national heart health month. thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... ...we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in
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cats ape dogs don't get a along so well and nice different on valentines day. the sixth rang villanova wildcats in for a fight begins 18th ranked butler bull dogs. but there is a little love in the air. how about the butler student getting down on one knee. say yes, say yes.
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but nova on the ropes, spoils their engagement. game tied one second left, darren hillyard for three. got it. he had a career high 31 points, thanks to eight, three pointers. neff a gets out of dive in a 68-65 win. they are 23-two. well uphill battle flyers have to overcome to make the playoffs pails in comparison to what a young man in delaware has overcome in his life. jamie apody has more on a power lifting champ who doctors say would never see eat, let alone brake records. >> reporter: when you think of the war strength what comes to mind someone who can lift heavy objects someone who can overcome a heavy burden. rory junior is a picture of both a lot of my experience is mental strength. i tell myself i do it so i do it. >> reporter: wilmington man holds state national and world record for power curling and he is only person on record to do it, from his wheelchair.
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>> my mantra is the impossible is possible. >> reporter: he was born at 26 weeks with cerebral palsy weighed 1 pound 13 ounces. the doctors say he wouldn't be able to see speak eat walk or use the left side of his body. >> he was in the n icu for 90 days. there was a lot of he is not going to make it. i all needed him. >> i was always told there ways nothing i cannot do. at a appoint, it was like i'm's working to push myself. >> reporter: he has won back to back to back world power curling championships and a certified personal trainer a and nutritionist and new taken up body building. he will compete at gladiator classic in baltimore next movement he was to open up a training center for disable athletes. the first of its kind. then again he is too. a man who can seat what he left and has power to lift peoples spirits and he knows it. >> i was 1 pound and
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13 ounces. i was near death already. everything that i can do when i go to rest, i know i did everything i was supposed to do and then some more. >> reporter: jamie a apody for channel six "action news". great job. >> amazing story just when you think you cannot do something you see him right there and inspires him all. his strength goes way beyond his muscles. thanks, jeff great story. castle is next here on channel six, "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, eva pilgrim and chris sowers. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, have a great night and we will see you right back here tomorrow.
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